Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another day, another rainbow

I know I've been obsessing over them, but this is simply ridiculous. This image doesn't do it justice, but this is the closest I've been to that pot of gold...The road went right by the right end of the rainbow, but by the time I got there it started raining and the rainbow was gone.

I was thinking a lot today about traveling off season. Sure, some things are closed, some towns seem (or are) completely dead, and the weather is more often rainy /too hot / too cold/ etc. But then, you get that perfect day (weather wise), but because it's off season there's absolutely no one else around. This is what the first half of today was like - a gorgeous sunny day. So I headed up to the beach on the east coast and did some light hiking with only a handful of people joining me. Alas, not too many pictures from there, but I stopped by a waterfall on the way back.

One second a nice, quiet, peaceful waterfall.

The next, a bunch of whitewater rafters flying down it. (In case you were wondering, I was not one of them )

Tomorrow is a travel day, and then the ice climbing begins. I just got a note saying my course was moved from the mountains to the Franz Joseph glacier, so no waterfall ice climbing, but rather glacier ice climbing :)


Esteban said...

I really thought you were one of those crazy dudes rafting :-)

Aleksandra said...

That's an amazingly gorgeous rainbow!

Cody said...

In search of the pot of gold...

What would you actually do if there was a pot of gold? Would you fill all your pockets and your backpack and then try to hoist the pot up to your head to trek back to where you came from? Honestly, that doesn't sound feasible. The pot itself probably weighs 40 kilos.

And besides, those leprechiwis are probably waiting in the shadows with their pitchforks and shearing tools...

I say it's best to part with just a picture and an ounce for a souvenir and good luck.