Saturday, June 23, 2007

More adventures

Well, first the promised pictures from yesterday...I have no access to photoshop or picasa to touch these up, but they should give a sense of what i was talking about.

The rainbow:

Sheep dotting the landscape:

Today I went to see one of the geysers that Rotorua is famous for. It erupts (or rather is induced to erupt with some soap to loosen to surface tension) daily at 10:15. As you can tell it's a little windy here :)

In the afternoon I decided to be a big tourist and saw a sheep show :) which culminated with a guy shearing a sheep on stage... it was just as touristy as it sounds, but I'll save you from the pictures (for now).


Mireille said...

you look won-der-ful!! bisous

dan said...

you look a bit too happy for that geyser going off