Friday, July 27, 2007

back home

Like all good things, this adventure has come to an end. Some fun statistics:

Modes of transportation: car, plane, bus (scheduled & chartered on the street), train, tram, subway, escalator (it's a mode of transport in Hong Kong!), boat (speedboat, long tail boat, crazy chinese ferry boat), tuk-tuk, elephant. [missing from the list: helicopter]

Miles flown: around 29,000 (which averages out to a crazy 800 miles per day)

Countries visited: 5 + 2 Special Administrative Regions
Passport pages filled up with stamps & visas: about 5

Things lost: sunglasses, a watch (on the last day), and a little under10 pounds.

pictures taken: around 900

timezones to readjust to: 10 (or 14 depending which way you count)

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