Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Railay Beach

Railay beach is absolutely gorgeous. The water is almost hot, you can easily stay in for an hour w/o feeling a tiny bit cold, the sand is silky smooth, and the cliffs surrounding the beach make it all the more picturesque. I wish the computer in this overpriced internet cafe was a bit faster so I could upload some pictures, but with 256megs of ram it can barely handle the internet.. the plan for tomorrow: find a better computer :)

Went climbing for a full day today, unfortunatley no deep water soloing for me: this is low season, and the guy who does it needs at least 8 people to do it. We were able to assemble a group of 3, but that was far too little.. :( next time, i guess. But we still climbed right on the beach today, which made for some good views.

Tomorrow Lila & I are going on an all day snorkeling / island hopping adventure. Should be a blast.

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Annaka said...

Pity about the deep water soloing, but I'm glad you got at least a bit of climbing in - and the surroundings sound lovely.
Have fun snorkeling!