Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chiang Mai

Ah...thailand..the land of cooking courses, waterfalls & elephants (at least those are the parts that I've seen this far). We are even staying at a guesthouse with a beautiful courtyard that has its own small waterfall :)

Our first day here we decided to go for a cooking course. It was run on an organic farm outside of town and was incredibly well organized. We ate all of the food that we made & got a recipe book to take with us (so there's a slight chance i'll be making some thai food again).

Today we had a day long adventure that included hiking through some local villages, swimming at a waterfall (we dove in seconds after this shot):

and riding elephants through the jungle! We bought some sugar cane and bananas before the ride & fed our elephant throughout the hour long trip.

The trip ended with some rafting on long bamboo rafts down a small river. Even small rapids (grade I, maybe II) were super exciting. The only downside to the day was that it rained non-stop, but after we went swimming in the waterfall we were super wet anyway :) The rain did however wipe out my thoughts of going climbing tomorrow.

We are off to Railey beach on Monday morning & will stay there until thurday afternoon, before heading back to bangkok to catch our flights home. Hopefully we'll get some good weather for climbing and some deep water soloing.

Although I didn't do it in Hong Kong, I am getting a suit tailored here in Chiang's been quite an experience :)

Needless to say the food here has been top it off, I just had the best pad thai ever from a street vendor for 30 baht (~$1USD).

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Aleksandra said...

The two of you look very cute on that elephant. Is he(she?) comfortable to ride?