Saturday, July 14, 2007

good bye china

I just went through passport control at hong kong (and found some free internet) I wish all airports had it. It still has not USB port, so no pictures still.

Yesterday saw me going on a day trip to Macau, which was quite interesting. It definitely has a bit of a las vegas feel to it, but without as much glitz (yet - there's a lot of construction going on). The single daytrip resulted in 5 passport stamps - one for leavnig HK, one for entering & leaving Macau & then two more on entering HK (they always give two).

Alas, I did not get a taylored suit while at HK, there wasn't enough time... but there's still hope, people say getting them made in thailand is even better :)

Now onto singapore for a couple of days



dan said...

Got your postcard from NZ, thx!

Someone thoughtfully blocked the top of the mountain with a giant airmail sticker, so I can still look forward to seeing it for myself.

Sergei said...

I wouldn't want to spoil it :)