Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We got into Cambodia at 7am local time, after getting a visa & getting picked up by a tuk-tuk (a motorcycle towing a two person carriage) we were in our hotel by 8, and back on the road by 9, making the most of our time in Cambodia.

Our first glimpse of the temples:

Closeup of the majestic Angkor Wat ( I have about 80 more pictures of it)

Here's one :)

And here's another...the "reflective pool" is a bit on the dirty side, but serves its purpose well.

We then moved on to the temple of smiling faces, there're 216 in total, each facing either north, south, east or west.

And then we pretended to be in the Tombraider movie (this is actually where it was filmed)
Can you believe this tree?

Today we went to see the floating villages... these houses are moored near the river banks. You can walk on the banks, but most people are in boats... There are little grocery canoes that float around with vegetables, etc. A bit reminiscent of Venice, but only a bit.

Notice the blue sky in the middle of the rainy season :) We were lucky yesterday as it started raining just as we got into our tuk tuk at the end of the day, today was just sunny and hot (not surprisingly both of us got a little burnt).

We are off to Chiang Mai, Thailand tomorrow for a few days. Hopefully I'll get a little bit of climbing in there, before attempting to do some deep water soloing at Raleigh / Tonsai beaches.

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