Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Climbing climbing climbing

And of course Railay bay has spectacular climbing... the pictures below don't do it justice, it's simply amazing.

This was a nice 25m climb...waaay high.
The palm tree does not make for a good hold, it's a bit wobbly.
This one definitely took a bit of mental effort to lead, but I got it in the end (the ratings here are definitely overrated - this climb was a 6b+ on the french system / 5.11a on the american system, and I would never be able to lead something that hard).
The famous cave on Tonsai beach. The rusty ladder leads to another terrace of climbing above. The stalactites make for some good holds.

Taking a break inside the cave, only about 20 feet up.

Done with the inner cave climb. Too bad it looks like I climbed the ladder.. I really didn't - the stalactite on the right was pretty handy though.


Annaka said...

That looks absolutely fantastic! I am extremely jealous :)

Guillaume said...

Why did I decide not to come ???